Create, Implement, Enhance, Discover.....

Businesses large or small have needs and wants, not always provided for by the main stream prescriptive trainers and business services providers.  Rosie Consulting strives to provide solutions to meet companies needs and being independent allows us to offer a truly bespoke service.

Perhaps the best way to describe our unique offering is problem solving.  Uniting a team, locating a public sector contact, off site confidential project support, market research, training, systems, strategy and so, so much more....   

Having covered so many different requirements over the past 16 years gives us the ability to adapt to your needs, use our skills to seek out solutions. A long list of provision is therefore not ideal, what is, is to discuss your needs face to face to see if we are the right people to provide the solution.

Rosie Consulting also has a strong network of trusted associates covering many fields to ensure we have a wide breath of knowledge available to our clients.

Please e mail enquiries@rosieconsulting.com to arrange an initial phone consultation