Facts, Strategic Marketing, Overviews.....

Rosie Consulting has been providing Market Research Services to specialist research houses in USA and Europe for 18 years, serving blue chip companies worldwide.  Though covering a variety of Market Research areas, we are specialist in B:B customer satisfaction.  In this area we function a little bit differently to the norm, to ensure you really get to understand the drivers, not just carry out yet another exercise for Marketing.

Understanding your current customers needs, wants, and frustrations is critical for any business. This is an area often overlooked in favour of researching new markets or new clients.  Large or small we are told that 80% of our turnover/profit comes from just 20% of our customers and customer retention is far more cost effective than gaining new custom.  Does your marketing strategy reflect this?  Global players pay a great deal of attention to this very area of research, should you to be focusing on this area?

Do you really understand your customer base, the divisions within that base, why do they buy from you, will they continue to buy, would they recommend you, have they changed through time, what outside influences drive them to change.  So much to understand but knowledge gained in an ad-hoc fashion, without understanding of the purpose or research methodology is worse than no knowledge at all.

Call today and ensure your marketing team can spend their budget wisely based on facts not assumption. Ensure you keep your current clients as well as enticing new ones.

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